Our number plates may label us the ‘smart state’ and the ‘sunshine state,’ but from 9 – 12 June, Queensland shall be known as the ‘sonic state.’

For these four days, the Sonic State Queensland Week Microfestival will be bringing the vibrant underground music scene above ground to Metro Arts – the cultural hub of the CBD.

A celebration of spatial and sonic experimental music-making, the all-ages festival will feature music performances, free workshops, artist talks and an opening night celebration.

Curated by Brisbane sonic and visual artist Luke Jaaniste, the event will bring together nationally significant musicians who are each leaders in their field, setting up spaces and contexts for audiences to connect to the latest work by experimental music makers.

“This festival is an excellent opportunity to experience our underworld of experimental music.

Sonic State is here to celebrate innovators, music makers, sound artists and events – and Queensland has a rich history to share,” said Luke.

Lawrence English, one of Australia’s key media artists, will be opening the festival. He’ll be joined by the likes of performance artist, and music and visual art facilitator Nicola Morton, audio-visual artist Andrew Gibbs and indie-pop singer-songwriter Chris Perren.

“Lawrence, Nicola, Chris and Andrew each represent a different niche of experimental music making that have grown right here in Queensland over the years – and their innovative sonic experiments have gone all around the world.”

If you’re interested in exploring Queensland’s rich historic blueprint of contemporary music, get along to Sonic State from 9 – 12 June. Programmed events range in price from free to $30. All event information available here.

Feature image by Marco Microbi.