From learning multiple instruments at school, to taking private lessons and playing in bands, music has always been a part of life for New Zealand born, Brisbane-based soul songstress Shukura Chapman.

After graduating from acting school in Sydney, Shukura moved to Brisbane in 2014 and began honing in on her music career.

“Over a few years of building my confidence and developing my voice as an artist I started to really find my flow with writing. When I moved to Brisbane, singing and song-writing became my release – I was obsessed,” she said.

Shukura is currently working on a new EP, which will be the follow up record to 2013’s Bluebird vs Monkey. Inspired by old school blues, soul and hip hop, her new record is an eclectic mix of genres that showcase the personal and professional growth she’s experienced since her previous release.

“The EP is in the final stages of production and it has quite a different sound. The people I’ve played it to so far, have all related in various ways and taken something different away story-wise. I love writing something so personal and seeing listeners respond in their own way.”

Shukura will be unveiling some of her new tunes when she supports Pirra on the Brisbane leg of their tour at The Milk Factory this Saturday night.

“I’ll be filling my set with my favourite songs I’ve written to date. I’ve been a bit obsessed with guitar lately so I’m excited to really let loose with my solos. Expect looping, soulful vibes and the debut of a few new tracks.”

Stay up-to-date with Shukura via her website and Facebook page, and catch her performing with Pirra this Saturday night, 28 May at The Milk Factory. More event info here.