Did someone say party? For the past two years, Brissie promotions gurus (and MIMM partners in crime) Vincent & Jules, have been kicking arse hosting delectable shows all over this fine city. From benefit gigs, EP launches and deliciously named monthly shows (Cookies and CreamButtermilk), this duo, made up of Christina Langham and Amanda Terry, have become the go-to promoters for local acts.

As they prepare to ring in their second birthday this weekend with an EPIC blowout at The Zoo (Saturday, 22 July – be there), these fine ladies took a moment to reflect on and recount their favourite moments from the past 24 months. Let the good times roll…


  1. First Birthday Bash: Celebrating our first year in business with our mates, local bands, and MIMM was definitely a party to remember. We’ve built great relationships with the bands we worked with last year, and have such fond memories of that show. There’s some foggy pictures, and foggier moments (thanks to too many bottles of Tooheys Old), but our favourite moments were shared backstage with a fish eye lens and Mimm from Music Is My Muse. BLESS!
  2. Backstage at The Zoo, August 6th 2016: (from left) Christina Langham, Amanda Terry, Mimm Steele.

  3. LemonAid: We’re so proud of this one, and have plans to do one again in the future. The Brisbane LGBTIQ+ community is so warm and wonderful, they have welcomed us with open arms. We had a lot to share about that show, and we’re still standing tall on these issues!
  4. LemonAid at The Back Room, September 30th 2016.

  5. Relaunch Party @ The Zoo: This was both Chrissy’s 25th birthday and our relaunch of the Cookies & Cream series. We were running this series out of the Back Room in Chardon’s Corner for all of 2016, and in February we partnered with Pixie to bring the show into the Valley on a monthly basis. We celebrated with over 200 people and also launched our new team on the night as well!

    Polaroid from Winn Lane during the Relaunch Party, February 25th 2017. Photo by Sarah Bellamy: (from front to back) Sarah Bellamy, Christina Langham, James Burnell, Mimm Steele, Jarrod Rehbein.


  6. Expanding the team: This was definitely a highlight for us, we were stoked to build V&J into a more comprehensive team for 2017. Big thank you to Nathan, our Video Editor, who is playing with his fan-fucking-tastic band Chief Weapons at the party this weekend; Kove for all the sweet snaps at shows, we love you; Sarah for all the amazing conversations, and ‘cause kittens and cooking are shared loves of ours; and our lil sissy poo Lydia, for rocking almost every poster image to date. You’re all super stars!
  7. BIGSOUND: We shared one hilarious weekend with Mimm & the MIMM team back in September last year, and oh my – what funny memories we have. Running between venues, getting musically cock-blocked by security guards because we kept using the wrong entrance, fleeting moments where we ran into people we knew but were running to the next show, and finding some cash on the ground that paid for most of our drinks over the weekend. Wouldn’t have been as fun without our sidekick, Mimm <3
  8. Photoshoot @ Red Hill Skate Arena: This was the creepiest and coolest location we’ve snapped pics at yet. The abandoned skate arena is filled with burnt debris, old skate shoes, tonnes of pigeon poo, and empty beer bottles from chums who’ve been there before us. That’s where we snapped the new press shots for Electric Suede, along with our new cover photo on Facebook.

    Red Hill Skate Arena, featuring Amanda Terry (left) and Christina Langham (right).

Vincent & Jules will be shaking it on the dancefloor with Music Is My Muse at our joint Second Birthday Bash at The Zoo THIS SATURDAY, 22 July. BOOK $5 PRESALE TICKETS HERE.

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