With 20 bands playing FOR FREE at iconic Brisbane venues The Brightside, The Zoo, The Foundry and Black Bear Lodge, there really is no reason not get down and party this Saturday night at The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl.

Brisbane post-rock lovers Twin Haus are one of the bands on the bill and they’re itching to play fans some new tunes and possibly a cover or two. They’re also looking forward to seeing local buddies Baskervillain, The Creases, FOREVR, and MKO Sun take to the stage.

The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl reflects the spirit of the Brisbane music scene, which drummer Nick McMillan describes as “kooky.”

“The Brisbane music scene just keeps its head down and does its own thing, We’re a kooky bunch but we all look out for each other – we’re like the gang from that movie The Warriors,” he said.

So put your party pants on and follow Twin Haus’ Mountain Goat Valley Crawl party tips for a smashing Saturday night!


  1. Watch some bands you don’t really know.
  2. No one wants to hear about your uni schedule.
  3. Look out for Spurgin, he will be in fine form as usual.
  4. One banana per person, don’t be a hero.
  5. Look out for wastemen.

Catch Twin Haus at The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl this Saturday night, 27 February. All event details can be found here.  Full timetable below.

Mountain Goat Valley Crawl Timetable