Someone call Soundwave because they need to add Brisbane punk-rock powerhouse WAAX to their 2016 line-up pronto. Launching their new EP Holy Sick at Black Bear Lodge last Friday night, it was clear that this raucous quintet know how to throw one hell of a party.

Before they’d even walked out, their home crowd cheered and edged closer to the stage. This was an audience who knew what to expect, but whom still walked away at the end with their expectations exceeded. WAAX’s set was so energetic, and the crowd so immersed, that the floor boards of Black Bear Lodge were literally shaking.

Playing tunes from their new EP including crowd favourites I For An Eye and Wisdom Teeth (which of course incited screaming, chanting and fist-pumping) as well as some older songs and a few new ones, WAAX again cemented themselves as one of Brisbane’s must see live bands. Frontwoman Marie DeVita led the way, with rip roaring vocals, untamed energy and infectious head thrashing, she had everyone in the room moving. It was no surprise then, when it came time for the band to film their next film clip that everyone got into it and went crazy.

Overall WAAX’s stage presence is so potent and enthralling, they could easily headline major festivals. Just as Devita said to the crowd on Friday night that they’re proud to be back in Brisbane, there was no doubt that their Brisbane fans were stoked to have them home too!

Check out WAAX on Facebook and grab a copy of Holy Sick here.