Struggling to get out of bed in the morning? Forget the alarm clock, and skip the caffeine because from 20 November Vessel Born’s Stateless EP will have you jumping out of bed. Seriously, this Brisbane metalcore quintet has produced a powerful, high-octane debut that has more energy than red bull.

You would never know it from their brutal, sharp sound, but these lads only came together at the start of this year. In that short time, they’ve already made an impact with their first two singles Dressing A Dead Man and Let Chaos Reign featured on Triple J’s ‘The Racket,’ as well as on radio stations throughout Australia and the USA.

Dressing A Dead Man and Let Chaos Reign are definitely standout tracks from the EP, giving fans a taste of the guttural vocals, riff-roaring guitars and slamming drums they can expect to hear when the record is released on Friday. In particular, Shaun Coar’s flawless transition from throaty roars to controlled, smooth vocals throughout each song is super impressive.

Death Figure is an interesting detour on the EP, toning things down with stripped back instruments and a TV-like commentary voiceover. It gives the record pause and makes you step back and appreciate just how much raw energy there is on all of the other tracks.

All in all, Stateless is a raucous record that will not only give you plenty of tunes to set as your morning wake-up call, but also one that will have you losing your mind in a mosh pit when you go to see these guys play live!

Check out the music video for Dressing A Dead Man below, and get your hands on Stateless this Friday, 20 November.