The Barefoot Experience’s third album Distorted Town is a whimsical, atmospheric rock record that will tickle the fancy of those who enjoy beautiful layers of sound and songs that together tell a story.

On Distorted Town listeners are taken on a journey through a fictional country town, meeting characters and visiting places of interest. Distorted Town is a well-crafted concept album that interestingly came together somewhat unintentionally, as bass player Shane Kroll explains.

“The idea of Distorted Town being a fictional place actually came about after everything was done. It’s like we wrote all the ‘stories’ and we just realised it all seemed to fit into a loose anthology,” he said.

“When I think of what our fictional town would look like in real life, I see a medium-sized North Queensland coastal town like Ayr or Bowen.”

Like an interactive museum experience, Distorted Town is an immersive soundscape that draws you into a dreamlike web in which you can get pleasantly lost for hours. This is an album with Pink Floyd-like flare that creates a mystical veil between dream-state and real life, making it the perfect soundtrack for a show like Netflix’s The Returned.

Head over to Facebook to give the record a good spin, and get excited – the band will be dropping a music video soon, with plans for a tour also in the works!