Pop-rock babes Rawr Vanity may be veterans of the Brisbane music scene but their new, self-titled EP is mighty fresh. Released at the end of last year, Rawr Vanity is a sweet treat with a killer rock edge.

Opening track Jealous combines the 80s vibe of the B52s with The Veronicas’ ‘Revenge Is Sweeter’ attitude. If you need a song to stick it to the haters (jealous friends, co-workers and so on), this is the song for you. It packs a sugary punch and deserves to be played LOUD.

Another stand-out track of course is the record’s lead single California Dreaming. With a catchy riff that will get stuck in your head, and a vocal melody you can’t help singing along to, this song will have you packing your bags for a Californian holiday ASAP. Continuing the fast-paced goodness is Sleepless, while Blue Jean Baby and What You Live For slow things down and really get you thinking. As always, the band’s combination of guy/girl vocals throughout is flawless.

Overall, Rawr Vanity’s sound has evolved on this record. This is an ambitious EP that most certainly doesn’t fall short. If you haven’t heard Rawr Vanity’s music, now is the time to get on board!

Listen to Rawr Vanity’s self-titled EP on bandcamp.