Uplifting. Enlightening. Empowering. If you need a dose of inspiration to kick start your 2016, Francesca de Valence’s Own Self will do the trick.

With a beautiful, Florence Welch-like voice, joyful hooks and painted piano and string arrangements, Francesca’s blend of acoustic-pop will pull at your heartstrings one minute, and put a spring in your step the next. Each track is emotive and speaks to your soul, often conveying messages of hope.

Interestingly, Francesca wrote seven of the thirteen songs during I Heart Songwriting Club, where artists have an hour to write a track on a certain theme. I’d love to know which tracks were written using this process, as every song on the record sounds like a carefully crafted masterpiece. Hats off to Francesca for being able to write such vivid music in so little time!

Stand out tracks include Own Self and Blind Spots. Both tracks are upbeat and motivating – the perfect music to listen to when you need some encouragement to pursue the things you want to do. Yellow and Shapes are also favourites, with more mellow, reflective tones.

Overall, Francesca’s debut album is easily capable of impressing the masses – a record you could gift to everyone (including yourself) this Christmas!

Head to Francesca’s website to find out more about her and how you can get a copy of her debut album Own Self.

Photo: Esther Art Design & Photography.