Driven Fear’s new hardcore-punk album Freethinker is a musical defibrillator for the mind. With untamed vigour, roaring vocals and instruments that pound straight through your core, you’ll feel your life has been given a massive jump-start after listening to this record.

Although the album pushes boundaries, it still remains true to the vision the band started out with 12 years ago. Extending on ideas from their previous records, Freethinker covers various themes while relaying the message that we are all connected.

“This is not an album about atheism, even though organised religions are a theme covered in the record. It is an album about free thought and our journey to understand and explore what that free thought actually means,” said Driven Fear’s Chris Hyde.

Quite frankly picking ‘standout tracks’ from this album is tough. Like a good concert where you lose yourself in space and time, all of the songs on Freethinker form a gripping kaleidoscope of raging thoughts. To truly appreciate all that it offers, you need to listen to the album straight through. If you really are strapped for time though, start with their new single In Care Of Pt. 2.

Regardless of whether Freethinker opens up your mind or not, it will certainly help you lose it for 45 minutes. My parting thought is – if this is what Driven Fear can do on a record, imagine the levels of EPIC they reach when performing live…

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