Brisbane newcomers He Danced Ivy unleashed their punk-prog debut album, The Verbal Kind, on October 27, and it’ss well worth a spin! Since forming in 2014, the four-piece have been developing their sound, and their effort shows on their new record.

Opening with the bizarre, jazzy track You Can’t Trust A Barber, the record shows its light-hearted attitude early on. Up next is the lead single and title track, The Verbal Kind. Filled with clean guitar and bass riffs, the song is an upbeat, energetic number with emotive vocals and a catchy hook.

Moving into the middle of the album, songs like Mechanesque show the dynamic control the band has, starting softly and building in intensity. Swim Little Fish, the second shortest song on the album at just 1:50 sees He Danced Ivy show their prog roots, featuring a non-conventional time signature and syncopation.

Me, I’m A Seller is full of crunchy, layered guitars that make themselves known almost immediately. The range and power of the vocals is really evident on this song, as the words soar above the instruments and weave between the sonic layers.

After the 23 second instrumental Yad Etisoppo, the band bring the speed back with Tosca, before closing the album on softer track, April Fools. Featuring a gently picked guitar and calming vocals, April Fools shows the band’s ability to be just as interesting on an acoustic track, as they are with the full instrumental set up.

If you’re into punk, prog, or albums with variety, give The Verbal Kind a listen. Keep your ears and eyes peeled for He Danced Ivy in 2017!