Put Johnny Cash, Tom Petty and Smokey Robinson in a blender, and what you get is Brisbane singer-songwriter Byron Short’s new album No Way Out.

No Way Out is 11 tracks of pure gold and gives a massive nod to the American music that shaped Byron’s musical direction.

“This album is inspired by a time in American music where worlds were colliding – country and rockabilly with blues and gospel. No Way Out is a throwback to the adventurous spirit of those times – with, of course, my own musical flavour added,” he said.

Byron says No Way Out is also a response to an album he released eight years ago in his youth titled The Way Out.

“In many ways, No Way Out is a coming of age record. A realisation of the inherent truths of life as an adult and acceptance that things change and get a lot harder as you get older, but you have to keep fighting.”

No Way Out masters the ability to reflect on the past whilst also looking towards the future. It’s adventurous and uplifting with songs you could sit around a campfire singing along to with your mates. Check out the first single The Heartland and be sure to listen to the whole album!

You can pick up a copy of No Way Out on Byron’s website, or receive a signed copy when you book tickets to his album launch at Johnny Brown’s on 26 September.