Releasing her debut EP in late July, Audra McHugh’s (formerly of indie-folk due Amon & Audra) Chapter One is a warm and welcoming introduction to the singer-songwriter’s solo work.

Chapter One is a beautiful anthology of life experiences told through song. Opening track Mary Ann sets the bar with some strong advice about not letting other people’s expectations define you.

“I was sitting at my desk at a job I hated one day when this song came out. I felt like I just woke up and realised I was an adult and had built a life around what everyone else expected of me. So, Mary Ann is about finding your true identity and not living in the past,” Audra said.

Then there’s Save Me, which Audra says she wrote for a friend.

Save Me is about wanting to be lifted out of the darkness of depression. I sat at the piano imagining my friend’s experience and when I finished the song I realised it was, in fact, about me. Depression is such a common, but incredibly isolating experience. It’s so important that we talk about it.”

The EP ends with love song Everything I Ever Wanted and Won’t Back Down – a piece about moving forward and becoming who you want to be despite those who try to hold you back. The perfect end to a record that embraces new beginnings.

Listening to Chapter One is like having a chat with an old friend who gives you wise life advice – it’s comforting, full of conviction and gives you the nudge of inspiration you need to succeed. Overall, a lovely first chapter for a solo career that we’re sure will have many more!

Listen to the full EP here.