Tiarne’s still new to the Brisbane music scene, but she’s already able to mix beautiful melodies with sentiment to create unforgettable tracks. She’s proven herself as an expert storyteller and now she’s hitting up space themed Red Deer Festival on 14 October with a live band and new music. While she’s looking forward to finding her inner rocker chick, Tiarne’s usual aesthetic is an array of bubble gum pink and pretty pastels.

Whether she’s posing for that perfect Insta shot or jamming out on stage, Tiarne’s outfits are always on point, so we hit her up for some costume tips ahead of this year’s Red Deer Festival Space Oddity. Here’s her top tips…


  1. Sequins and sparkles. Ease yourself into the space oddity theme with this first step – sequins. Whether it’s top, bottoms or those exciting pillows that are available in K-mart at the moment, if its reflecting light and creating a disco around you – its space aesthetic.
  2. Literally anything with stars on it. Red Deer is giving us all a proper excuse to incorporate stars into our lives and I’m too happy about it. Whether it’s temporary tattoos, accessories or an actual adult size star costume – this is the time and place to do it.
  3. Holographic. I never got over this trend and I’m sure you all have something holographic you purchased from 2013/2014 that can now be put to use once more. Holographic print lets you embrace your inner disco astronaut and is one of the ultimate ways to be a space babe.
  4. Pink and purples always. This was just an observation but according to anything space/tumblr related all the cosmos are made of purple and pink. Get into that classic galaxy vibe by painting yourself in these colours whether it be hair, skin, makeup or a pair of statement space boots!
  5. Glitter. I mean what’s a music festival without it? Lucky for us at Red Deer we have an excuse to get the most sparkly we’ve ever been by transforming ourselves into shooting stars. Incorporate above themes such as pink, purple and stars to help with specific glitter selection.
  6. Plastic. Weird? Yes. Relevant? Also yes! Become your very own futuristic self by wearing plastic clothing. You know the ones I’m talking about – usually transparent or a bright statement colour. Wear in any form of clothing or accessories.  You’ll be feeling like you’re a part of The Jetsons in no time.

Red Deer Festival is set to be a set to be a major hit again this year, and with a stellar line-up you won’t want to miss it. Best described as a house party at your mate’s place, the festival is B.Y.O style so feel free to bring a couch and chill out while you listen to some of Australia’s best artists.

Timetable and tickets available HERE.