Brisbane’s newest booking agency Carousel Promotions, are ready to tickle the ears of local music lovers with their debut show at the New Globe Theatre on Sunday, 29 May.

Featuring 10 bands across two stages, Carousel’s Sunday Session At The Globe caters to heavy music fans and indulgers of pop-rock and pop-punk. The line-up includes Devonian, My Friend The Betrayer, Kold Creature, Until Home and Port Paradise to name a few.

After putting out a call for bands and doing her research, Carousel Promotions Owner Crystal Leonard says she’s thrilled to have so many high-quality, local bands on board.

“I’m so happy the bands on the line-up are trusting me as a first time promoter as I’ve never worked with any of them before. Although I could have approached bands I already knew from my time as a venue booker, I wanted to break out of my comfort zone for the first show,” she said.

Currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Business (Event Management), Crystal says she began working on the show as a way of putting the skills she’s learnt at university into practice. This then led to the birth of her company, which aims to further support the vibrancy of the local music scene.

“People always say the music scene in Brisbane is dying but I have to disagree. Be it through contacting a venue or being put on a line-up through a promoter, there are many opportunities for artists. Many venues book bands for weekly shows too, so there is plenty of support out there.”

With Sunday Session At The Globe only a few weeks away, Crystal says she’s nervous but excited to see the show come to life.

“I’m very excited to see my work come together and feeling apprehensive about people actually coming. I’m doing the best I can to actively promote this show so I hope people take the time to come and see the great bands on the line-up.”

Make sure you grab a ticket and show your support for Brisbane’s newest Sunday show!

Carousel Promotions’ first show Sunday Session At The Globe kicks off at the New Globe Theatre on Sunday, 29 May from 2.30PM. All event information available here.