After years of making original music together, Brisbane progressive metal outfit Therein have tried their hand at something different, covering some of Pink Floyd’s greatest hits on their new release Pink Floyd Sessions.

The band originally prepared the cover material for a performance ahead of a screening of The Wall, before deciding to record their efforts in their spare time.

“We all grew up with Pink Floyd. They were years ahead of their time. They pushed boundaries and their music has stood the test of time,” said Therein guitarist, Ryan Boyd.

“Over a beer or 10 we chose a bunch of songs we thought showcased Pink Floyd. While we changed the textures and instrumentation of some of the parts it was important to us to keep the intentions of the original compositions intact.”

Adding their own flair to the tracks, we asked the band to share with us which classic Pink Floyd songs they covered and why. Read what they said below, and see if you can pick out each song as you listen to Pink Floyd Sessions…


  • Shine On gave me the opportunity to really explore David Gilmour’s guitar style. The emotions at the beginning of this track are so delicate, each note telling its own story which is what I tried to do. This one features beautiful backing vocals by Donelle Brooks and Thalia Soultan.
  • Dogs is a track from my favourite Floyd album Animals. With guitar solos for days and a German lady telling a dog to shut up what’s not to like.
  • Time has such a cool, unique intro and Kneds’ drums on this are crushing.
  • Great Gig In The Sky sees Cameron turn what was originally a vocal solo into an inspired guitar piece, he really nailed the phrasing and feels.
  • Money. Our great friend Thalia Soultan did lead vocals on this track and she did an amazing job of making it her own. It’s a classic, fun song and an example of how timeless Pink Floyd’s music can be. We added some reggae for shits n giggles.
  • Is Anybody Out There is an acoustic piece I learned to play years ago. While not being a well-known song it fitted as the outro. I recorded it at about 4am in a corridor at Gas Works Studios, and with a German floozy doing the haunting voice over what’s not to like.

Pink Floyd Sessions is an appetiser for Therein’s upcoming album, which is set to be their most ambitious project to date.

Listen to Pink Floyd Sessions here, and stay up-to-date with Therein on Facebook.