Spinning cotton into gold, newly launched Brisbane-based initiative, The Merch Desk is your one-stop-shop for all your band t-shirt needs.

Created by local musician Joseph Knox-Wheeler and brought to market with the help of Brisbane company The Print Bar, The Merch Desk is a print-on-demand merchandise service that allows artists to sell t-shirts directly to their fans. Artists simply create a profile, upload their t-shirt designs and set their price. Upon setting the price, they’ll be shown the profit that would be made from each item as well as the cost of each item (which covers The Print Bar’s expenses to process, print and ship the order to customers within 3 -5 business days). No bulk buying. No waste. No upfront costs.

“The Merch Desk is designed to remove all barriers that would otherwise stop artists offering merch to their fans and supporters. The Merch Desk costs nothing to get started and with our help artists can be selling to their fans in hours not weeks,” said Joseph, founder of The Merch Desk.

The goal is noble – to help Australian artists in their hour of need – which is why The Merch Desk only retains $1 from each item sold to cover website and running costs. All in all, the profit margins for artists are good, with the average profit from a shirt (Small to X-large) sold at $30 coming in at just over $20. $20 to the artist, $1 to The Merch Desk and the rest to The Print Bar to cover the cost of producing the merch.

Queensland musicians, including rising stars Leanne Tennant, Tia Gostelow, Jordan Merrick and Harry J Hart, are already embracing The Merch Desk platform with band t-shirt from more local acts coming soon.

If ever there was a time to update your wardrobe with slick new tees while supporting an industry that’s hurting, it’s now. Afterall, not all heroes wear capes – some wear band tees! So, become a t-shirt warrior and order some cool merch from The Merch Desk today.

Browse the range of t-shirts available at The Merch Desk HERE. If you’re a musician/creative who’d like to sell merchandise via The Merch Desk, sign up for free HERE.

Feature image: Middle – The Merch Desk Founder Joseph Knox-Wheeler, surrounded by QLD artists (L-R) – Jordan Merrick, Leanne Tennant, Tia Gostelow, Harry J Hart – who’re already selling through The Merch Desk.