With a charming electronic-soul sound, creative aesthetics and breathtaking live shows, MKO Sun’s artistry is a pure joy to behold.

MKO Sun is the dream child of Hannah Macklin – multi-faceted singer, songwriter, producer and artist, whose wild imagination fuels MKO Sun’s fire.

Wrapping listeners in a cosmic and cinematic experience, her latest EP Opus Opalus adds to her iridescent intrigue, exploring the emotions that arise after a loved one’s passing.

“My vision for this record was to bring light to some of my darker feelings. To create a galaxy in which those feelings become stars and lights and meteors,” she said.

“I didn’t choose to make this EP; it chose me. I needed to make it in order to move on. It was hard. There were many times when I wanted to give up. Many tears were shed.”

In an over-saturated music industry, Hannah admits that sometimes staying positive and pushing on with her music can be hard. Meeting some of her idols while playing in New York City a few years ago though, helped her realise that she is on the right path.

“My band members and I went to NYC in 2014. We booked 7 shows, immersed ourselves in the local music scene and got to meet some of our idols who it turned out were really digging our music. That did wonders for our collective confidence in ourselves and the project.”

While her incredible creativity seems to know no bounds, Hannah says remaining open-minded and curious is the key to staying inspired.

“I am happiest when I am creating. There is inspiration everywhere. In nature. In art. In science. In music. In people. In books. This stimulus coupled with imagination equals infinite inspiration.”

If you’re heading to see MKO Sun at The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl this Saturday, you can expect one thing from her show – pure magic!

Catch MKO Sun along with 19 other bands FOR FREE at The Mountain Goat Valley Crawl this Saturday night, 27 February. All event details can be found here.  Full timetable below.

Mountain Goat Valley Crawl Timetable