The summer music festival season is almost here and Queensland’s Jungle Love Festival is ready to kick things off. Featuring over 60 of the best up-and-coming acts from Australia and abroad, the festival will bring punters and artists together for two days of music, workshops and fun at the end of this month.

Brisbane babes The Cairos, who’ve made a killer return to the airwaves with their new single Love Don’t Feel Right (out this Friday), will be playing at Jungle Love for the very first time, with front man Alistar Richardson revealing their set will feature some new material from their upcoming record.

“We’ll definitely be playing the new single and we’ve been rehearsing a few other tracks that we’ve just written. The songs aren’t going to sound exactly like they will on the record – they’ll be more live-orientated, theatrical and fun. We may even bring a few props on stage,” he said.

Alistar says the band are looking forward to the boutique festival experience that Jungle Love offers and are grateful for the light they shine on upcoming artists who don’t always get the chance to play big festivals.

“With a boutique festival like Jungle love, it’s all about creativity, and the people that put it together are really in touch with what works and doesn’t work at big festivals. They put an emphasis on taking care of the bands and patrons and making the experience a lot more intimate, relaxed and engaging. So we’re definitely looking forward to that.”

With Jungle Love just over two weeks away, we asked Alistar for his advice on what festival-goers should do (and perhaps shouldn’t do) to make the most out of their Jungle Love experience, and here’s what he had to say…


  • Bring the necessities – water and toilet paper are a must!

  • Go with the flow rather than trying to fit everything in – I always find the best experiences I have at festivals are the things that I’m not expecting.

  • Go and see bands that you’ve never heard of – Jungle Love is about shining a light on the talent we have here, so get amongst it.

  • Actually watch the bands – don’t just go to party.

  • Appreciate the time that you’re there – remember you have to go back to work on Monday, so you may as well make the most of it.


  • Camp in a mud pit – that’s just messy.

  • Be so busy video recording the bands that you miss their performance.

Alistar says when the band is not on stage they’ll be busy swimming in the creek, watching their friends Northeast Party House perform and dressing up as Drake’s Memes for the fancy dress party! So, if you want to make like The Cairos and experience a festival like no other, make sure you book your tickets to Jungle Love today!

There’s so much to see, hear and do at Jungle Love Festival, so visit the festival website to view the full lineup and everything that Jungle Love has to offer. The festival takes place at Borumba Deer Park, Imbil and runs from 27-28 November. Tickets include entry, parking and a camping pass.

You can also listen to The Cairo’s new track Love Don’t Feel Right here.