What’s better than the first new music in over a decade from renowned hard rockers (and Brissie natives), The Butterfly Effect? New music AND a signature Butterfly Effect beer to drink with it! You read that right: in celebration of their forthcoming single Unbroken, out today, 16 August, The Butterfly Effect have teamed up with their favourite brewery, Green Beacon Brewing Co, to create an ‘Amplified Ale’, which will be available to enjoy on their upcoming (mostly sold out) tour this month.

Regularly massaging airwaves across the world throughout the late 1990s and early 2000s, fans have only had the band’s back catalogue to keep them company since their last album, Final Conversation Of Kings, dropped in 2008. A hiatus followed in 2014 before the rockers returned to re-release their albums on vinyl in 2016, spurring calls for a live reunion tour which they gifted fans in 2018.

Now, teetering between the seminal sound that made them a household name and giving nod to their future direction, Unbroken links trying times with a hope-filled empowerment to soldier on.

UnBroken is a snap shot taken from a very dark, difficult and personally tumultuous time in my life,” said vocalist Clint Boge.

“I realised my whole world was falling apart, relationships were breaking down and everything I’d known was crumbling around me. With seemingly very little to hold onto I found an inner strength and the will to keep going, to keep getting out of bed although every part of me wanted to hide away from the world. This song and these lyrics represent that struggle, to remain unBroken.”

With a legacy that spans two decades, The Butterfly Effect’s return with Unbroken (and their slick new beer) is set to be the start of a beautiful new chapter. We’ll drink to that!

PS: If you missed out on tickets to their upcoming sold out shows, you can still enjoy a Butterfly Effect beer, with their Amplified Ale available to purchase in bottle shops all over the country.

The Butterfly Effect’s new single Unbroken is out today, 16 August ahead of their Australian tour which kicks off next week. Details on where you can find The Butterfly Effect’s Amplified Ale available HERE


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