As Spring begins to roll into Summer, The BLOOM Series is announcing five magnificent acts for their fourth show which takes place at The Milk Factory on Friday, 14 December.

Known for delivering line-ups punters stay the bill for, The BLOOM Series, which is presented by local songstress Tiarne and sponsored by Music Is My Muse, brings together local musicians and lovers of live music in a celebratory and supportive atmosphere.

Opening the fourth show is Jon Trivett, followed by the inspiring tunes of local singer-songwriter Camille Trail and the energetic soul-pop and RnB blend of songstress TashaSid’s Balcony will then amp things up before headlining act, The Lighthearts, round out the night in style.

“Like previous showcases, we have quite a variety of acts on the BLOOM #4 lineup with each artist capturing a unique aspect of their genre,” said BLOOM Series Founder, Tiarne.

“There’s a strong singer-songwriter vibe throughout this lineup which I personally love. With each artist I immediately had the feeling of ‘I’ve gotta have them on The Bloom Series,’ – they all won me over with their sound, so this bill came together very organically.”

Curating the line-up from an ever-expanding list of acts she loves, Tiarne’s BLOOM Series is a blossoming community that continues to grow with each show.

“Fans can expect another wonderful, intimate night of talented local artists. I can’t wait for the artists to rock the stage, and to experience, once again, the strong sense of community The Bloom Series creates.”

Grab your friends, grab some tickets and get ready to mingle with good local jingles at BLOOM #4 this holiday season!

The BLOOM Series’ fourth show is on at the Milk Factory on Friday, 14 December. Tickets are $10 on the door. All event info available HERE.

The Bloom Series

Feature image: BLOOM Series #4 headline act, The Lighthearts.