Rawr Vanity have been kicking some major musical arse these past six years. The Brissie pop-rockers have multiple records to their name, have opened for the likes of Jimmy Barnes and Pseudo Echo and recently slayed on their tour of the USA.

While the band officially formed in 2010, members Jesse, Carly and Matt have known each other since primary school, with Wacey coming into the fold after meeting Jesse at JMC Academy. They’ve had their share of challenges, but their willingness to continue growing together is what’s kept them thriving as a band all these years.

“As clichéd as it sounds, you have to stay true to yourself in this industry and be committed to growing together and not apart. We’ve always tried to not write to a specific genre, but to instead write what we felt at the time,” said vocalist and bassist Jesse Simo-swer.

Jesse says they started out playing the style of music they all listened to, with their sound progressing over the years to include a wider array of influences.

“As time goes on you find out that just because you like listening to that genre doesn’t mean you play the same. You quickly find that you start to draw inspiration from a variety of different sources and genres.”

Their latest EP Rawr Vanity, is a reflection of where they’re currently at, and with more new tunes coming soon, fans have a lot to look forward to!

“We have some new music on the horizon! Everything else is a bit hush in camp RV at the moment, but what I can say is that our new music is very true to who we are – it’s all very much from the heart.”

Fans heading along to Music Is My Muse and Vincent & Jules’ First Birthday Bash next month at The Zoo may even get a first peek at what the band has been working on.

“We always like to put on a rocking show! Rock and Roll, something to jump to! The crowd will be moving! We might throw is a couple of new songs or some sneaky covers that everyone can sing to.”


Now for a little something extra, we asked Rawr Vanity to list a few of their funniest memories from the past six years. Let the good times roll…

1. Once we did a tour of rural Queensland and were staying in an old pub in Boonah. We’d had a few drinks, came back to the hotel and found a human tooth on the floor of our room!

2. For a charity show once we were dared to run through Fortitude Valley in our underwear in the middle of June (so it was cold!). We did it and ended up raising something like $1500!

3. Recently, we played a youth festival and the MC was a young girl who was really nervous and she had to read our bio out before we played. The bio said “Rawr Vanity have joined line ups with artists such as Boy George,” but what came out was “Rawr Vanity have done lines with Borge George.” Which was hilarious because now parents at the youth festival think we did cocaine with “Borge George!”

Catch Rawr Vanity rockin’ out at The Zoo on 6, August with Being Jane Lane, The Wandering Lost and Sera as they help celebrate Music Is My Muse and Vincent & Jules’ First Birthdays! For good party times, book your tickets here. Tickets $10 from the bands, $12 on the door or via Oztix.