Creating indie-rock, goth-pop jams with a 1980s and ‘90s twist, Brisbane darlings The Halls are a musical fever you won’t want to sweat out.

Since coming together in 2012 and releasing their debut EP, the band have consolidated their sound, experimenting with lush soundscapes and non-traditional song structures. Their latest single, City Lights, explores the intricacies of human ambition and expands upon their nostalgic, goth-tinged, pop-rock sound bed.

“In one way, City Lights is about how personal ambition can feel like a stone in your shoe one day and a blessing the next. And in another it’s in about the abstract aspects of human ambition,” said vocalist and bassist Bec Wolfers.

“I was thinking about the creation of cities and how their building blocks – concrete, glass, wood, metal and plastic – is all just stuff people have taken from trees and the earth, and rearranged into other things over time. Basically, cities are a great expression of the wonderfully insane ambition of humankind.”

Defining success in terms of doing their best work, The Halls find satisfaction in completing their creative projects and connecting with their audience.

“I always feel so happy if I hear that songs I’ve written, or a show I’ve played, has moved someone, helped them or just made them feel good. Being able to share our music is very rewarding.”

While being an up-and-coming artist can be a challenge, the band believes the key to surviving and thriving in the industry is constant learning.

“I think what makes being an up-and-coming artist challenging is that there’s no set path you can take to become a ‘successful’ musician. Sometimes it’s very hard to know what moves to make if you’re self-managed. Learning more about the industry and getting to know other musicians helps though.”

“As far as surviving goes – at the end of the day, if you never stop getting joy out of making music, you’ll have survived the music industry.”

The Halls are currently finishing some new songs and working on their next record.

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