If ever there was a woman whose voice could leave you spell-bound, it’s Brisbane pop songstress Ivey. Her debut EP Under The Rug is full of stunning, angelic vocals and sparkling melodies that take you on a magical journey as she lays her emotions bare.

The record begins with ferocious title track Under The Rug – easily the standout song on the EP. This upbeat number has everything a power-pop ballad needs – furious piano playing and vocals that are wooing you one minute and powerful as hell the next. These piano and vocal stylings remind me of Delta Goodrem’s bittersweet ballads of lost love.

The three remaining tracks Circle, Any Way You Like and The Bird And The Fish take a softer approach, with Ivey’s vocals floating beautifully above the instruments in each. I’m particularly fond of The Bird And The Fish which opens with a soothing piano line before Ivey’s voice takes focus once more, conveying the sombre emotion of the song perfectly. Similarities could be drawn between this track and the slower, lyrically-driven songs on Evanescence’s third album.

There is so much depth and beauty woven throughout Ivey’s debut EP. From upbeat opener Under The Rug to the poignant sentiments of The Bird And The Fish, Ivey consistently demonstrates her skills as a dynamic artist, capturing your heart and ears with her ethereal voice and emotive music. This is one record you definitely won’t want to sweep under the rug!

Head over to Ivey’s Facebook page to find out more about her and grab a copy of her debut EP Under The Rug here.