Brisbane-based pop songstress Ivey has come a long way since her primary school days as a clarinet player. Growing up in Rockhampton, she spent a great deal of time immersed in musical activities. From teaching herself to play the organ, to participating in her school’s musical productions, music has always been her first passion.

“I always loved music – the first thing I can ever remember being super passionate about was the Spice Girls. Coming from a regional town, music wasn’t ever something I perceived as a possible career path. It’s the beautiful people who have supported my music over the years that triggered me to pursue it,” she said.

Like many musicians, Ivey got her first break playing gigs at her local pub – an invaluable experience that taught her a lot.

“The Lionleigh Tavern was a short distance away from our house and they had a baby grand piano in the restaurant area. Every day on my walk home from school, I would stop by the pub, write songs and teach myself to play. The publican at the time was ex-rugby player Chris Close, and he offered me my first job playing covers and original music in the restaurant on Friday nights when I was 13.”

Now, years later, Ivey is playing her own shows in venues across Brisbane and has released her debut EP Under The Rug – a record that focuses on the torments of not dealing with relationship problems and learning to let go. For Ivey, sharing her music with others is the main goal.

“To me, ‘making it’ means getting my music into the hands of people who truly enjoy it and can connect to the meaning within the songs. Whether that’s three people or three hundred thousand people it makes no difference to me. I create music because I enjoy it.”

Ivey is currently designing live shows for 2016, experimenting with different sounds and writing new music. When she’s not making music, you’ll find her volunteering at the RSPCA, baking at home, and trawling through dog photos on Facebook.

To find out more about Ivey and to grab a copy of her debut EP Under The Rug head to her website.

Photo Credit: Madelyn Holmes Photographics