Music has always been a part of life for alternative folk-rocker Ellie Jane. Growing up in regional NSW, as a child she would travel for over an hour to attend music lessons. Now as a qualified primary school teacher she shares her love of music with the next generation by day, and plays gigs with her band Ellie Jane and the Forces of Destiny by night.

Moving to Brisbane to pursue music, Ellie originally started out as a solo artist, releasing her debut EP Songs From An Electric Heart earlier this year. The EP is an eclectic collection of songs taken from different stages of her life, containing messages that many listeners will relate to.

“My debut EP is a musical snapshot of my life up to this point, with some fiction intertwined into the narratives. The songs are a combination of new and much older material, some dating back to my teenage years!”

After releasing Songs From An Electric Heart and receiving feedback from fans, Ellie decided to take her music a step further by forming a permanent band – enter Ellie Jane and the Forces of Destiny.

“I love doing solo performances and I’m really happy with what I achieved on my debut solo EP, but I was getting a lot of feedback and encouragement to get a band together as my songs have quite a rock and blues edge which lends itself to a band sound, especially for live performances.”

“I met ‘The Forces of Destiny’ Jake (drums) and Gerry (bass guitar), through other musician friends and at local open mic nights. I liked their style so I approached them and they were keen to join me in creating a band, thus the forces were born.”

Formed this year, the Forces are already busy planning their first album. Ellie says the album will have a live rock sound and is due for release in 2016. Until then, the band will continue gigging around Brisbane and writing new material.

“We want to keep the momentum going and hope that we’ll have some awesome people along for the ride. The live music scene in Brisbane is great and I encourage everyone to get out there and support local venues and artists as much as possible!”

Listen to Songs From An Electric Heart here, and catch Ellie Jane and The Forces of Destiny at one of their upcoming gigs:

12 September @ The Loft, Chevron Island

19 September @ Currumbin Tavern

26 September @ Johnny Brown’s Café & Bar