Indie folk-pop singer-songwriter Ayden Roberts has mastered the art of juggling multiple musical projects. Between jamming with his band Average Art Club, and writing his honours thesis this year, Ayden has also found time to launch his solo music career with his debut EP Ciao Bella due out at the end of this month.

Ayden says his solo music is influenced by artists he’s currently listening to such as Paul Simon, We Two Thieves and Emmylou Harris as well as old favourites like The Cat Empire, Johnny Cash and Xavier Rudd. While this is the first time he’s taken his solo music public, it’s something he has been doing since high school.

“The solo project has always been a thing, I started writing songs in year ten at school, both for myself and with my band at the time. The difference between my work with the band and my solo project, is like sweet verses savoury food – they’re both so different but just as exciting and interesting. I need them both,” he said.

His first solo EP Ciao Bella, which means “hello/goodbye beautiful” in Italian, is a collection of tracks that document the ‘honeymoon phase’ of a relationship.

Ciao Bella documents love, distance, uncertainty and more love through optimistic stories about the realities of life, plants in the garden, blankets and cups of tea.”

Ayden says his approach to song-writing for the EP varied, with some songs written whilst he was doing mundane tasks, some taking more hard work and others, like Mint, the result of free association writing (writing freely about an object or idea).

“I was inspired to write Mint after seeing a particularly luscious patch of mint at my girlfriend’s parents’ house – it had leaves the size of your average smartphone. So I started writing, about how strong mint is, and how it comes back after the winter and relating it to the idea of love.”

Just like Mint, the rest of the tracks on Ciao Bella are inspired, and delightful. Ciao Bella is out this Friday, 30 October and is sure to put a spring in your step!

To be one of the first to get your hands on a copy of Ayden’s debut EP, make sure you get along to the Ciao Bella launch party at The Grid on 30 October. Check out Ayden’s Facebook page for more details.