Leanne Tennant first discovered music through playing the flute in primary school, however she didn’t truly fall in love with music until she began playing guitar in high school. She says that at that moment she knew it would be a dream come true to be able to play music, and she’s worked hard to make that dream a reality.

After attending workshops to learn as much as she could about the music industry, Leanne began her career in music which has included such feats as touring with Cold Chisel and winning a Queensland Music Award.

While the music industry can be tough, Leanne says she finds gratification in developing as an artist, and completing her respective projects.

“It’s such a rollercoaster of doubts and desires, but when you can turn around when it’s finished with something ‘real’ in your hands it’s pretty rewarding,” She said.

Leanne’s new sophomore album Red Wine, Late Nights is an insight into the musician’s darker music. The album’s first single, Gentle Annie, tells the story of a bus parked down the road from her house, which is well looked after but appears unused. After recording the track, the singer introduced herself to the owners of the vehicle and learned its story.

“John (the owner) and his wife bought it off Herberdon Hospital and trekked about the area often. They used to take it up an old bumpy track which the locals called ‘Gentle Annie,’ until about a year ago when Johns wife had a stroke so now they don’t use it as much.”

The Queensland musician says she wrote Red Wine, Late Nights with a focus on what she desired, rather than what she felt would get radio play. This resulted in the songs being very personal, something she says is quite nerve-racking.

Influenced by a lot of traditional blues, Leanne is excited to be able to include a blues number – No More My Lawd on the album. Other songs on Red Wine, Late Nights include a track called Sad Man, written about Charlie Law, the man who is said to have coined the term ‘lynch law’, and Lay Me Down, which is written from the perspective of a human or animal at the end of their life.

Red Wine, Late Nights is out this Friday, 5 August. Catch Leanne performing her new tunes in a series of intimate shows across the country on her album tour, which kicks off this week. For more information on upcoming shows, head to Leanne’s Facebook page


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