Indie-rockers Born Joy Dead are on the road to being the next big thing to come out of Brisbane. With their new single Sourdough racking up over 75K plays on Spotify and securing a management deal with local legends Mucho Bravado, this cheeky quartet are on their way up.

Forming in 2014, the band dived straight in, playing some of their first shows alongside Aussie favourites Ball Park Music and Bad//Dreems. Juggling day jobs and family commitments with their art, Born Joy Dead are currently working towards making music their main focus.

“In this field, being happy with our artistic output while paying off some of the bills is our idea of success. Keeping happy is definitely the most important thing though. We struggle to work music in around our day jobs occasionally but it is a struggle worth fighting for,” said vocalist and guitarist Ben Dalton.

Since releasing their debut EP Stones In My Shoe, the band have been busy baking up new single Sourdough and a second, forthcoming EP. While Ben says their style of music hasn’t changed much across releases, Sourdough is their most collaborative piece to date.

Sourdough is the first song we all contributed to together which was a lot of fun. Our song-writing goal moving forward is to have more ‘space’ in our songs than we did when we started out. I like the idea that a song can be kind of short, sweet and poppy but still have these elements that make it more of a dynamic journey than a four on the floor club banger.”

Born Joy Dead will be bringing their freshly baked goods (quite literally…baked goods hint hint) to their Sourdough Single Launch at Black Bear Lodge this Thursday night. If you like your fun times mixed with good tunes and baked goods, make sure to head along!

Catch Born Joy Dead launching Sourdough at Black Bear Lodge this Thursday night, 1 September. All event info available here.