Brisbane punktry rockers Soupy LaRue have been known to take guidance from an Ouija board when making music together. Is that true, or false? We’ll leave that up to you.

Releasing their debut single Next Door Stranger earlier this month, Soupy LaRue are ready to share their music with the world. Lead vocalist Doug Bjur, says they would have released Hit Me Baby One More Time as their debut single, but Britney beat them to it.

“Someone had already released Hit Me Baby One More Time, so we decided to release Next Door Stranger as our first single because it’s catchy, but has dark subject matter. It’s a good representation of the sounds we have been experimenting with,” he said.

Next Door Stranger is about being lonely and desperate – wanting and taking.

“The song is all about seeing something you want every day but not being able to have it. Being invisible and revealing one’s true self.”

In other words, Soupy LaRue (the band’s character) has been living with a woman for six months, and she’s only just found out. Now Soupy LaRue is hiding out at The Milk Factory where tomorrow, he’ll be coming out of the shadows for the band’s Next Door Stranger single launch.

“It’s going to be a full sensory experience. A night to remember, a night to forget. One to tell your grandkids about. Expect a real good time!”

The band are also working on some new tunes which they say should hopefully be out by the time Donald Trump is supreme world leader. Apparently he’s a huge fan of Soupy!

For cheeky good times, get down to Soupy LaRue’s Next Door Stranger single launch at The Milk Factory tomorrow night (Saturday, 27 February). All event details here.