You may not be able to sit beachside right now, but fear not, The Double Happiness are bringing the sun, surf and sand vibes to your favourite device with their dance-quenching new diddy, Wild Bikini.

Turning more heads than Borat in a mankini, Wild Bikini is a riotous ditty that goes down like a Pina Colada served beachside on a hot summer’s day.

“There is such a strong undercurrent of surf guitar in all our tracks,” said guitarist and vocalist, Kristin Black. “But some answer the call of the waves more than others. Wild Bikini harkens back to 1960s B-grade Beach Party movies and sitcoms, think Frankie and Annette meet I Dream of Jeanie.”

Dripping in surf sentiments, with tribal-like drumming and male/female vocal lines reminiscent of The B-52’sWild Bikini is the first wave in from the band’s forthcoming debut album Surf-Gazing which they describe as “a reverb-drenched ode to afternoons spent sun-kissed and wave side.”

So don your favourite beach apparel and get ready to bring the beach to your living room, because Wild Bikini is here to make you groove!

Standing in solidarity with their beloved local music community, The Double Happiness are paying it forward with compliments to Majestic Horses, Relay Tapes and Requin. See what kind words they have for these great artists below, and stream all their music in our >>> A Song A Day For Solidarity Spotify Playlist <<<


Majestic Horses

Majestic Horses | Song: Signal

We love the latest album from Majestic Horses but in particular, the song Signal, which is about the environment and climate change. It starts with the beautiful opening lyric “The ocean cries in tides”. It explores the theme with slow rhythmic beats and a stunning video of clouds moving. So evocative.

Relay Tapes

Relay Tapes | Song: Teeth

Such wonderful local shoegaze goodness from supergroup Relay Tapes, fronted by Jade Tyers. This track takes you on such a ride, swirling its way through, with ethereal vocals to an intensely distorted outro. It hits in all the right places and makes us smile.


Requin | Song: Rules That Won’t Be Broken

Requin make intricate discordant pop songs with complex unusual beats and arrangements. Their new single is off their upcoming debut LP Shark. It’s an emotional story about crossing lines that shouldn’t be crossed. It ranges from a deceptive quiet calmness to a controlled chaotic crescendo. We can’t wait for the LP.


A Song A Day For Solidarity is a series launched in response to the havoc COVID-19 is wreaking on our beloved music community. Every day until local venues re-open and gigs start flowing, we’ll be sharing a song by a local act to promote their work. These artists then ‘pay it forward’ giving shout outs to three other Queensland musicians they’re loving!