Dip your toes into the genre-bending world of Brisbane’s Strangely Enough as they navigate the complexities of self-identity in their funk-laden ballad Long Time Coming.

A slow jam that’s sure to get your body grooving, the laidback, synth-heavy sound bed of Long Time Coming draws comparisons to acts like Radiohead and Muse, while front-man Greg Olley’s ability to go from soft to soaring vocal peaks evokes Birds Of Tokyo vibes. It’s a fitting tone for an introspective piece that lyrically explores the notion of identity.

Long Time Coming is about how we define ourselves with a series of snapshots of our lives,” said front-man Greg Olley. “A graduation, a wedding, a holiday; this is sometimes how we construct an idea of who we are or used to be. Sometimes though these snapshots hide that we are constantly on the move, passing on to something else and yet still the same person.”

The third single to be released by the band, Long Time Coming is a glimpse into Strangely Enough’s upcoming debut EP, which is slated for release this year.

Ponder your own self-idenity and be inspired to expand your self-perception tuning into Strangely Enough’s Long Time Coming.

Standing in solidarity with their beloved local music community, Strangely Enough are paying it forward with compliments to Faux Bandit, Milton Man Gogh and Requin. See what kind words they have for these great artists below, and stream all their music in our >>> A Song A Day For Solidarity Spotify Playlist <<<


Faux Bandit

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Milton Man Gogh

Milton Man Gogh | Song: How To Be Big & Small (At The Same Time)

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Requin | Song: Rules That Won’t Be Broken

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A Song A Day For Solidarity is a series launched in response to the havoc COVID-19 is wreaking on our beloved music community. Every day until local venues re-open and gigs start flowing, we’ll be sharing a song by a local act to promote their work. These artists then ‘pay it forward’ giving shout outs to three other Queensland musicians they’re loving!