She’s won a Queensland Music Award, graced the Miss Universe Australia stage and literally travelled the globe. Now, Gold Coast singer-songwriter ELEEA is bringing her backpacking adventures to your door with the release of her fierce new alt-country banger, Wasting Time.

The first single to be lifted from her forthcoming debut EP The Travel Collection – an anthology of songs inspired by the songstress’ solo backpacking trips to over 35 countries – Wasting Time turns a seemingly meaningless moment into a musing about time wasted on love gone wrong.

“As I backpacked, busked and couch-surfed through my first trip to Europe, I set myself a challenge to write a song inspired by every country I went to. When I had a quick stop over in Slovakia, I figured I still technically had to write a song about it,” said ELEEA.

“The only lines that came to mind were ‘passing through’ and ‘wasting time’ as I waited at the bus station, but then I related it to an experience with an ex who I never should’ve fallen for, and Wasting Time wrote itself. I picked up my travel guitar and everything poured out in 20 minutes. Then the bus arrived!”

Bold in her lyrical prose and vocal delivery as she is brave in life, ELEEA is the epitome of independence and embracing change in life. Her fierceness radiates throughout every soundwave of Wasting Time, and we wait with bated breath to hear which musical story she shares next.

Standing in solidarity with her beloved local music community, ELEEA is paying it forward with compliments to Sahara Beck, Thelma Plum and Casey Barnes. See what kind words she has for these great artists below, and stream all their music in our >>> A Song A Day For Solidarity Spotify Playlist <<<


Sahara Beck

Sahara Beck | Song: Here We Go Again

This is my favourite song off Sahara’s Queen of Hearts EP, which has been on repeat since I first heard it. Sahara’s sound is so unique and her talent is world-class. The songs touch on really human and relatable situations, but the production and Sahara’s delivery turns them into something completely original. A must listen, if you haven’t already!

Thelma Plum

Thelma Plum | Song: Homecoming Queen

Thelma’s songs are total ear-worms, but unlike a lot of other catchy pop songs, they have really important messages. I admire how Thelma can touch on racism, body shaming and self-love in a modern and non-confrontational way. I’m also really inspired by her success and appreciate how her pride in her Indigenous culture shines through in her music.

Casey Barnes

Casey Barnes | Song: Set Sail

I can relate to this song a lot, as my travel and music means that I’m mostly in long-distance relationships. It’s really admirable that Casey can reach the levels of success that he has and help bring country music mainstream, while still maintaining the reputation of being one of the nicest guys in the industry. Casey and his wife, Michelle, are really involved in the QLD performing arts community and are really good examples of using their voice and skills to lift others up.


A Song A Day For Solidarity is a series launched in response to the havoc COVID-19 is wreaking on our beloved music community. Every day until local venues re-open and gigs start flowing, we’ll be sharing a song by a local act to promote their work. These artists then ‘pay it forward’ giving shout outs to three other Queensland musicians they’re loving!