Soaked in glorious indie-pop synths like a candy apple dipped in syrup, comes Gold Coast collective clawmachine’s scrumptious new single, Sweet Like Sugar.

Set to a soundscape that makes you feel like you’re floating on cloud nine with elegantly enchanting vocals to match, Sweet Like Sugar captures that feeling of falling head over heels in lust.

“When I first heard the demo for Sweet Like Sugar, I felt like there was a dreamy/uplifting vibe to it and it made me feel giddy. This inspired me to write lyrics that were about that feeling of being infatuated with someone and thinking they’re the absolute ‘bees’ knees’,” said front woman Whitney Veitch. 

“It’s about meeting someone that sweeps you off your feet and is seemingly the best thing that’s ever happened.”

Mixed and mastered by local legends Brad Hosking and Paul Blakey respectively, Sweet Like Sugar is the first single the band has released since their 2018 EP Good Harvest. What a sweet gift it is to have clawmachine back on the scene!

Standing in solidarity with their beloved local music community, clawmachine are paying it forward with compliments to Citrus Daze, loulou and daste.. See what kind words they have for these great artists below, and stream all their music in our >>> A Song A Day For Solidarity Spotify Playlist <<<


Citrus Daze

Citrus Daze | Song: Blue Summer

Citrus Daze first caught my attention with their aesthetic, before they even released music I stumbled upon their Instagram and followed them knowing I’d love what they release. Unsurprisingly, their debut Blue Summer lived up to the charm they had teased me with. It’s a gorgeous indie-pop piece that I haven’t been able to get enough of.


Loulou | Song: Gotta Get Better

A few of us saw Loulou perform at Greaser a few months back. I absolutely love their vibe and creativity. I hadn’t gone back to check them out until now but saw that they’re literally releasing their new song Gotta Get Better TODAY. It’s fantastic and deserves many listens!


daste. | Song: About Us

Daste. in my opinion are phenomenal. Everything they do is covered in oozy gooey smoothness for lack of a better way to describe them. To me they’re like Glass Animals ZABA but 2x as good (and I LOVE Zaba). They also get an A+ for an exceptional aesthetic.

*Completed by band spokesperson Dylan Lindquist


A Song A Day For Solidarity is a series launched in response to the havoc COVID-19 is wreaking on our beloved music community. Every day until local venues re-open and gigs start flowing, we’ll be sharing a song by a local act to promote their work. These artists then ‘pay it forward’ giving shout outs to three other Queensland musicians they’re loving!