Queenland’s premier music and arts festival, Jungle Love, has a huge lineup for 2017, but that’s not all they have to offer. Besides music, Jungle Love has a vast range of things to do that will keep you entertained all weekend long!

Dedicated to being different, punters heading to Jungle Love can get involved in everything from costume competitions, unique classes, to raves in shipping containers – they have it all! If you’re looking to learn interesting skills, than the diverse range of workshops on offer will thrill you! Here’s the top five classes we recommend giving a whirl at the festival this weekend

Create macrame magic.
From being used to make plant hangers to jewellery and tapestries, macrame is an incredibly versatile skill. Come discover the magic of macrame and get hooked on making macrame pieces yourself.

Paint a masterpiece inspired by music.
Let music inspire you, as you hand paint your own artwork. You don’t need any experience, just a love for music and a willingness to let go and paint!

Create music using your body and dance.
Who says you need an instrument to make music? Come and learn how to produce sounds and rhythms using only your body.

Become a hula hoop master at Hoopworld.
Learn how to dance and improve your hula hoop skills in this crazy and fun class. From, tricks, throws, and flips, you’ll learn it all. Once you’re a hula hoop expert, head to the Hulu Hoop Making workshop to learn how to make your own! Design and create your own exclusive hula hoop and keep it forever.

Become a Beatbox sensation.
 Want to beatbox but don’t think you’ve got the skills? There’s a Jungle Love workshop to fix that! Learn all the beat boxing fundamentals and be well on your way to becoming a human beatbox extraordinaire!

Don’t miss out on all the excitement happening at Jungle Love Festival this weekend (30 Nov – 2 Dec), book your tickets now! All event, lineup and ticket information available HERE. 

Feature image: Jungle Love by Blake Gannon