A recruitment call for an army of voices has been put out, as the School Of Hard Knocks searches for 100 singing enthusiasts to perform at the Hand in Hand concert on the Sunshine Coast to celebrate Mental Health Week on Sunday, 15 October.

Founded by Dr Welch in 2006, the Choir Of Hard Knocks is a social inclusion initiative to assist and support disadvantaged members of the community by encouraging them to build self-esteem. The choir then rose to fame in 2007 after appearing in an Australian TV documentary series.

School of Hard knocks was later founded in 2012, as a charity initiative for arts-based activities after Dr Welch noticed the positive impact choir, percussion, and music theatre activities had on members.

“Scientific research shows music brings about extraordinary physical and psychological changes in our body and brain, not to mention the spiritual, social and emotional benefits that are experienced with participation in group arts and cultural activities,” said Dr Welch.

The upcoming event aims to raise funds to further help the School of Hard Knocks deliver arts programs throughout Queensland to marginalised communities. It will be the first time award-winning conductor Dr Welch visits the Sunshine Coast, as he forms the inaugural Absolutely Everybody Choir.

Workshops and Rehearsals will take place over the course of two Saturdays, culminating in a Sunday afternoon performance at the Hand in Hand charity concert taking place at Caloundra’s The Events Centre. As the name suggests, anyone is welcome to join the choir, regardless of skill set.

“We want to recruit an army of voices on the coast to sing inspiring and uplifting gospel and popular classics that celebrate courage, joy and love.”

Registration fees begin at $69 and include a T-shirt for costume, while workshops will take place on Saturday, 30 September and Saturday, 7 October. Tickets for the Hand in Hand concert on Sunday, 15 October begin at $29.

An event full of spirit, music, and community, this is surely one you won’t want to miss!

More information about the program and how to join the choir can be found on the School Of Hard Knocks website.  Tickets to the performance available from The Events Centre website