Country, folk and roots troubadour Sian Evans has been busy touring the East Coast in celebration of her forthcoming Cold Feet music video.

Inspired musically by the likes of Shakey Graves and Ruby Boots amongst others, Sian says Cold Feet is all about self-sabotage, with the story line for the accompanying music video reflecting this sentiment.

“The initial story line was the producer’s idea. We kind of failed the first shoot due to timing issues though and had to reshoot. In hindsight the re-shoot better captures the self-sabotage theme,” she said.

Halfway through her Cold Feet Music Video Tour, Sian says she’s been having fun reconnecting with her guitar and her fans.

As she heads into the final shows of her tour, we asked Sian to share with us her methods for dealing with the self-sabotaging nature of cold feet. Here’s her top five tips…


  1. Baths with salts and aromatherapy oils. It’s a go to. It’s really healthy and a great way to unpack/wind down
  1. Deep breathes. And long.
  1. Don’t run, or try to hide. You can’t escape yourself ultimately. While confrontation is uncomfortable, the pain of running long term is far more uncomfortable than that of a short term confrontation. Sit with your anxieties, or post pone meetings until you’re able to deal with them realistically and calmly
  1. Massages. So good…..
  1. Remember life is a journey, not a destination. So cliché but true. We arrive or become ready when we do and not anytime before. It’s no one else’s job to push us or for us to push them. Accepting this removes a lot of life’s resistances and anxieties. It allows space for compassion empathy others. It also creates kindness towards self and others. No one flourishes under the pressure of unrealistic expectations.

Sian Evans’ Cold Feet Music Video Tour lands in Brisbane on Tuesday, 4 October at New Farm Bowls Club. Warm your soul and catch Sian at one of her upcoming shows!

Sian Evans Tour Poster