Brisbane electronica writer and producer Ryda recently released his second single Spark and it’s a killer.

Inspired by artists like Wave Racer, Sable, Cosmos Midnight, Basenji and Enschway, Ryda’s new tune is upbeat and fun.

“With Spark, the goal was to create something that stuck out as fun and enthusiastic, something super punchy that had an interesting melody,” he said.

With a nightclub, dance-type vibe, Spark will have you trippin’ whilst doing even the most mundane of tasks. We recommend listening to Spark for extra motivation whilst doing the following …


  1. Cleaning. Because cleaning without music is impossible.
  2. Driving to your in-laws/partner’s parent’s house. Don’t like your in-laws or worried about meeting bae’s parents for the first time? Never fear, push play and let Spark be the sonic pep talk you need.
  3. Studying for an exam. Listening to music without lyrics is supposedly conducive for learning so why not give it a whirl? Even if that doesn’t work, you can count on Spark to keep you alert.
  4. Doing your tax. Nobody likes tax, and trawling through a year’s worth of dockets is boring. So pop Spark on and you’ll have everything organised to submit your tax return on time.
  5. Running on the treadmill. You don’t run? You soon will, with Spark setting the perfect rhythm for you to get lost in you’ll be running a mile (or more) in no time.
  6. Sitting on public transport on your way to work. Spark will definitely pep you up for the 9 to 5 grind.
  7. Anytime. Because you never need an excuse to listen to a decent party tune!

Listen to Spark and follow Ryda on Facebook for more energising tunes that will be dropping soon!