Initially a sadness song born from despair, country music belle Rae Leigh delivers a motivational song that moves listeners.

If you’ve ever had a bad day, a bad week, or even a bad year, Rae Leigh’s Find A Better Day (out 20 November), is the sad song turned encouraging pick-me-up anthem you need to hear.

Channelling the sentiment of emotional songs like Daniel Powter’s Bad Day and Elton John’s Sad Songs (Say So Much), Rae Leigh’s country-tinged pop number is a permission slip to cry your feelings out and not wear a fake smile on your face during times of anguish.

A firm believer in the idea that music is therapy for the soul, Rae Leigh is passionate about creating inspirational songs that champion love, openness, strength, courage and connection. While her latest musing was born from a place of helplessness, loss and desperation, her candid vulnerability instils a sense of hope amidst misery.

A sadness song turned motivational song by country music belle Rae Leigh


“In a moment while my children were sleeping in the house, I picked up my guitar and in a desperate prayer for help and escape from these dark emotions I created Find A Better Day,” said the Gold Coast based country musician, who co-wrote the track with Nashville’s Mary Haller.

“It is this expression of how, in that moment when my mental health was in a bad spot, my sense of power was completely lost and I felt all I had to keep me going was the music and this song. It’s a promise to myself that I will keep going. I’ll continue to keep the faith that one day I will ‘find a better day.’”

Produced by Jason Millhouse, Find A Better Day is the sixth single Rae Leigh has released since making her debut earlier this year. Taking out top spot in a song-writing competition recently, Rae Leigh will be making a music video with the help of JMC Academy. She also has more music on the way with her debut EP set for release in early 2021.

A sadness song turned motivational mantra, Rae Leigh’s Find A Better Day reminds us that despite adversity, there is always a way through. Find your light in the dark, for better days await you, by streaming Rae Leigh’s empowering new single, exclusively below.