Xander Holmes may be relatively new to the local music scene, but he’s already making a mark with his sophomore EP Into The Mist, released 25 May.

Into the Mist explores themes of insecurity, fear, and boldness with Xander using classic indie-pop stylings to convey his journey of self-discovery while struggling with self-doubt.

Opening track Something Real recently won a Queensland Music Award, and it’s easy to see why with layers of soft vocals, meaningful lyrics, and addictive melodies. Title track Into the Mist further immerses listeners in Xander’s journey. Centred on finding courage and welcoming support, Xander says the track is about “being bold in every decision we make.” A steady backing beat accompanies a memorable chorus as the young songwriter tackles overcoming setbacks and getting outside of his comfort zone.

This Is Not the End helps mellow-out the EP, while showing Xander’s maturity. Containing an instrumental break full of gentle riffs the track is the perfect background accompaniment for time spent reflecting. As the EP winds down, Take It All perfectly encompasses the record’s overarching message. Xander’s vocals build steadily throughout before breaking into a soaring instrumental. Similar to Into the Mist, but still more than capable of standing on its own, Take It All embraces being bold in the face of defeat.

Something Real (Tobi Remix) closes the EP, reimagining the track in an electronic style that complements the original, while giving listeners fresh beats they can move their feet to.

In the past year alone Xander’s amassed praise at the Queensland Music Awards, performed at BIGSOUND, and collaborated with Aaron Shanahan of Miami Horror. A talented, young emerging act, Xander is one to keep an eye on, and his sophomore EP Into The Mist is a testament to that.

Xander Holmes’ sophomore EP Into The Mist is out now via Spotify.