I know what you’re thinking, didn’t Wakan Phoenix break up? Well, Hell the powers that be had other plans for these blues-rockers with the Brisbane duo blessing us with their debut album aptly titled Well, Hell. These seasoned professionals are no strangers to the music scene and it shows with their well-formed new record.

Kicking off the fun is The Phoenix Will Rise – a  loud and proud track that reminds us these guys are well and truly back and here to stay. With heavy distortion this track still maintains a catchy vocal hook that really carries the tune.

Heavy distortion is signature for Wakan Phoenix, but the most impressive element of Well, Hell is the sheer power that comes through the music from two people. Standout tracks showcasing this musical bravado are Lasso On My Heart, Little Rattle, The Cowboy Song, Hot Damn and Masculine Blues. Each of these tracks has a little something different, whether it be the tempo, the build ups or the mentality, but they are all together powerful in themselves.

Lead single, High Waisted Jeans has serious street-strutting cred, and comes paired with a music video that taps into this vibe, showing people doing tasks in their…you guessed it, high-waisted jeans! You could feel yourself walking down the street feeling on top of the world listening to this one.

Well, Hell the eponymous title-track is next level features a marching bass line and amped up vocals. Super-charged with a guttural effect, this track leans more to the heavy rock side. It’s Baby Ishaani that’s the stand out track on the album though, showing a softer side to the band that’s reminiscent of the Rolling Stones’ Angie. Raspy lyrics overlaid on soft guitar and drums makes for a simple yet core-shaking experience.

Overall, this band is impressive with their ability to manipulate the power in their tracks while still maintaining their signature sound. Well, Hell is a nine-track journey any blues-rock lover should undertake.

Wakan Phoenix’s debut album Well, Hell is out now.