Brisbane garage-punk quartet VOIID recently released their sophomore EP Drool, the follow-up to their 2017 debut Pussy Orientated. The new EP is a tight, energetic collection of seven raw punk tunes channelling influences from The Runaways to The Ramones.

Drool immediately sets the tone with opening track Drunk, with its frantic and high-octane punk heart expanded with a slight psychedelic influence on some of the guitar tones. Like a few other songs on the release, Drunk features group and backing vocals which lend flawlessly to the live feeling of the EP. Lead single Silly Girl follows, with perhaps the quietest passage on the record with the surprisingly intimate bass, guitar and vocal introduction. The track then explodes into quite the catchy number despite the brutal vocals sung with an abundance of personality by vocalist Anji Greenwood. 

Vile is a track that seems impossible to listen to without head-banging, opening with a loud abrasive guitar line reminiscent of WAAX’s Holy Sick EP. The suitably huge chorus is the cherry on top of a thoroughly entertaining punk anthem. The following track Durry Mouth boasts the quartet’s love for skate-punk and would be at home in a packed, dingy club with an enthused crowd shouting back the lyrics. Twin continues the unapologetic vibe of the record with an epic bassline and prolific lyrics like “you’ll never get anywhere looking like everyone else.”  

On the last two tracks VOIID continue their unique brand of punk-rock, elevated by their infectious energy and personality. Throughout the EP the band finds a sweet spot between the intensity of WAAX, the fun of WHALEHOUSE and the catchiness of Dream Wife.

On their sophomore effort Drool, VOIID boast a loud and entertaining collection of head banging punk-rock made to mosh along to.

VOIID’s sophomore EP Drool is out now. Catch them launching the record at Brisbane’s Black Bear Lodge on 6 July alongside Sports Bra and Garage Sale. All event info HERE.


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