If you haven’t had a chance to head to a Vincent & Jules event yet, I highly recommend you do. Having been to several, I can safely say I’ve never seen a bad performance at one of their shows, which is a testament both to their skills as promoters and the quality local artists they work with.

April’s Cookies & Cream instalment at The Zoo, just over a week ago, was no exception. He Danced Ivy kicked off the night, filling the room with so much energy, at times it felt like the roof might fly off! The four-piece’s heavy guitars and pounding drums made a fantastic backdrop to hangout with pals and play pool (or in my case, drastically lose at pool).

The second band of the night were new-kids-in-town Project Jurassic. Showing how tight and in sync they are as a unit, these indie rockers delivered song after song, with the audience bopping along in time. At the end of their set, while waiting for the headliner, many “how-good-were-theys” were shared amongst audience members.

When headliners Her Affinity took to the stage, it was clear from the get go they were there to entertain. So much about them felt like the 90s had come back to life, from their distinctly nostalgia-infused sound to their lead singer’s hairstyle (which was super cool!). Their cover of Natalie Imbruglia’s classic hit Torn went over especially well, with the audience dramatically belting their hearts out for the choruses.

All in all the second instalment of Cookies & Cream for 2017 was a great night, and if you weren’t there be sure to chuck “check out the May instalment of Cookies & Cream” on your bucket list for this year!

Feature image: Cookies & Cream April headline act Her Affinity.