Brisbane alt-rockers, Tired Eyes, are crashing onto the scene with their debut EP In Denial, Force A Smile out 29 June. In Denial, Force A Smile packs a musical punch, and from our sneak listen, we concur it deserves a spot on your ‘must listen’ list.

The EP opens with Unforgiveness which is a melodic wake-up call of sorts, starting with an eerily smooth instrumental before breaking into hardcore vocals. This first track bleeds raw emotion, fulfilling the band’s vision to create music that makes their listeners feel something.

Lead single, A Place, A Space, A Symphony, now complete with a music video, is a great introduction to Tired Eyes’ unique sound which teams early 2000s post-alternative rock, with simple yet powerful lyrics that honour their namesake.

Outta Sight is another stand out track, with call and response vocals, a catchy melody and thumping drum line. The song’s stylistic choices make you feel the push and pull of tension and release in this relationship between a person seeking forgiveness and change, and an unmoving, unwavering lover.

Furthermore, Tempt Me and Dissonance are both solid tracks, with their at times cool, restrained musicality that builds in heat and passion, tapping into the vulnerability of humankind. A particularly, special treat on this record however, is a cover of The Cure’s hit Love Cats (stylised as LOVECVTS) which blows you out of the water. As a fan of the original, I can hand on heart say this cover goes above and beyond and has earned a permanent spot on my Spotify account.

After listening to Tired Eyes’ In Denial, Force A Smile, one thing is resoundingly clear – these four men are here for the music. There’s no grandstanding with this band; they’re not shy about their emotive, hard hitting lyrics, they came to play, and we will surely stay to listen.

Tired Eyes’ debut EP In Denial, Force A Smile is available on all digital outlets on Friday, 29 June. Watch the music video for lead single A Place, A Space, A Symphony below.