Last week Brisbane singer-songwriter Tiana Khasi released her long awaited debut EP Meghalaya on local independent label Soul Has No Tempo. On her debut, the talented songstress effortlessly combines an eclectic range of influences and genres to create an experience that becomes more rewarding on repeated visits.

Bringing a wealth of experience to the EP, Tiana worked with prolific Brisbane producer Sampology (Queensland Symphony Orchestra) and Mastering engineer Matt Colton (Mastering Engineer of the Year 2013 and 2018) ensuring the release was in safe hands.

The title track Meghalaya opens the record tenderly with an elegant piano intro that’s then embraced by jazz inspired bass, percussion and horns. The song’s stunning arrangement is then met and lifted with Tiana’s soulful vocals, which creates a truly unique sound. The sensual jazz and soul combination is further explored on the songs Georgia’s Track and Nuketown to create similar levels of bliss.

Sophomore single They Call Me follows the title track, and changes up the sound and tempo by providing a distinct hip-hop influence. It features gorgeously layered vocals and the Tiana’s confident flow, which is made even more irresistible with the lush composition. The longest track of the EP, Whole Lotta Shine combines all of the best aspects of Meghalaya into an experimental melting pot that manages to be as fascinating as it is catchy. The song becomes an impossible stationary listen when the already groovy mix is joined by cheerful horns reminiscent of The Cat Empire.

The closing track Good Things strips the EP’s vibrant instrumentation back to provide an intimate and passionate ballad supported only by Tiana’s pristine vocals, piano and subtle bass. The song acts as a beautifully unexpected conclusion to the expertly accomplished debut effort.

For fans of Pink Matter, L. Flora or anything soulful and gorgeous, Meghalaya is a quintessential debut from one of Brisbane’s brightest upcoming stars.

Tiana Khasi’s debut EP Meghalaya is out now.


This review of Tiana Khasi’s EP Meghalaya first appeared on Phoenix Radio’s Emerge program, hosted by Calen Le Couteur and Russell Thompson. Follow Emerge and tune in on Monday nights 7-9PM HERE.