Sunny Coast trio, The Unknowns, have released their second EP Forever Slaving Always Craving and with a signature sound that hails from the anthemic days of punk-rock rioters like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, they’re not here to faff about. In true grunge style, Forever Slaving Always Craving packs a punch from start to finish.

Opener Doing The Grind is a surefire bop incorporating the classic Bo Diddley Beat. The track combines chipper and upbeat music with a chanting almost drone-like vocal that’s very Ramones-esque. This vibe carries through in the lyrics “When I get home I wanna scream and moan” – perfect old school grunge, the kind you haven’t heard crafted this impeccably in today’s indie-folk obsessed era.

The next song Choke is a burner, and you can feel the heat from the guitars in this one from start to finish. The song will have you up and out of your seat dancing and thrashing like a maniac. At the end of this solid track, like any great theme park adrenaline-fueled ride, you’ll find yourself wanting to go again.

The record concludes with, I Wonder Why, a seemingly somber track. While there may be a little less frantic riffing in this one, the guitar solos are still epic. The boys know this too, which is why they’ve made sure to give plenty of air time to these features. This track is what I’ve come to refer to as the classic bad-assery of the iconic Matthew McConaughey saying “alright alright alright”.

Forever Slaving Always Craving is a great taste of what The Unknowns have to offer.