Following in the footsteps of peers like The Chats who’ve put Queensland punk music on the map with their satirical viral video I’m On Smoko, Sunshine Coast trio, The Unknowns, have been making their mark with their 2018 debut EP Forever Slaving Always Craving, and now dual single release, Dressed To Kill/Internet Love.

Released on a two sided 7” vinyl, these explosive singles have set a new benchmark for the group and is some of their best work to date. An infectious vibrancy from brash guitar tones and a propelling momentum layered from the rhythm and percussion sections drive these songs home as certified bops.  Taking inspiration from punk legends like Iggy Pop and The Dead Kennedys, there is a deeply authentic feel to the sound that The Unknowns perform. Though there is less blatant Australiana than comparative acts, the lyrics are still deeply relatable, clever, and almost painfully infectious.

With neither track driving past the three minute mark, the songs are a quick and punchy delight. But with so many fantastic qualities to the band’s sound, these songs are bound to be on repeat until you’re ‘Nambored’.

The Unknowns’ double single Dressed To Kill/Internet Love is out now.

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