A tight collection of psych-drenched tracks is what Gold Coast six-piece Syrup, Go On, deliver on their debut album Last Light, which dropped late last month via Valley Heat Records. The follow-up to their 2018 debut EP Joyful Hesitation, Last Light features an expanded yet cleaner recording of Mantaray which opened the initial record, continuing with ten more tracks that total 39 minutes of pure joy.

Opening with atmospheric instrumental number Syrup Goes On, listeners are introduced to the dense and experimental arrangements that form part of the record’s signature sound. The album then transitions into the fantastic Mantaray, which opens with a frantic intro that couples a wall of sound with what sounds like classic horror movie screams, before effortlessly shifting into a blissful, surf-rock anthem. Ego Sand blends the intricate, ear-worm guitars riffs of Snakadaktal with gorgeously layered dream-pop vocals, while lead single Don’t Go is a gloriously bass-driven summer-bop featuring exquisite harmonies between vocalists Liz and Tom. The verses are irresistibly groovy, while the chorus’ are epic and spectacular. The vocalists’ acapella outro is also a wonderful touch.

Sophomore single I Never Wanted You To Care opens with a toe-tapping bassline and a whimsical guitar tone teed with driving percussion and the band’s vocal harmonies which create a delightful sound. The song transitions into another of the record’s standouts, Dreams, a track that sounds like Joy Division if they made a psych track. Next up is Reflection, an instrumental that opens quite serenely then expands into a fantastic passage featuring distorted guitars, synths and a chunky bass line.   

With Last Light, Syrup, Go On have succeeded in crafting an ambitious and fascinating debut album that effortlessly weaves from track to track creating a wonderfully entertaining listening experience.   

Syrup, Go On are bringing their Last Light Tour to Brisbane’s The Bearded Lady on 4 July with support from Endless Valley and Strange Seed. All event info HERE. Last Light is out now.


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