In February 2017, Brisbane quartet Sunhaus released their first and only EP About Yesterday, a collection of five emotionally charged and raw alt-rock gems with a healthy helping of folk influence. On this record, the band hit the jackpot combining honest and poignant lyrics with absorbing performances and melodies.

A highlight of About Yesterday, are the truly sublime vocals from singers Aidan and Madeleine. The band’s vocal chops are evident the moment Games opens with a captivating A Capella passage that transitions into sea shanty like verses, topped off with Aidan’s vivid lyricism. Bobby then follows, a touching and moving tribute to ‘a man’s best friend’, a heartbreaking tune that hits you in the feels and stops you in your tracks. The song expertly builds through its verses to an intensely beautiful and rewarding climax. The EP’s centrepiece Home raises the tempo but not so much the mood, immediately evident in the piercing opening line “the world is a laugh, if you have a dark humour.” It is perhaps the catchiest track of the bunch and features one of the best vocal performances all-round. The quartet’s incredible slow-burning debut track Realignment then follows, a tune, like most others on the EP, that allows space for both the instrumentation and vocals to shine at various intervals. The epic duet Come Around then closes the record with a poignant bang.

Sunhaus’ timeless debut About Yesterday is a profoundly moving experience that is easy to recommend to anyone who wears their heart on their sleeve. About Yesterday is a must-listen for fans of The Head and The Heart’s Let’s Be Still or the first two Angus & Julia Stone records.


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