Queensland’s Emergenza winners, Sonicman, are back with their third and biggest album, Little Sick. The four-piece traverse genres, with a mix of rock, pop, reggae, country, and electronica sprinkled throughout the eleven-track album. And with members hailing from America, France, South Africa, and Australia, this is a musical collective that delivers a diverse soundscape.

An energy filled ball of good tunes, each of the eleven songs on Little Sick packs its own punch, but here are a few of the standouts. The title track, Northern Lights, starts by drawing you in with a beautiful melody before hooking you with its infectious beat. Another stunner is Lalaland, a tune riddled with a fun rhythm, and upbeat vocals and lyrics, that give off laid-back summer vibes. The title track Little Sick continues the ear candy binge with some strong classic-rock stylings that’ll have your feet tapping. Then it’s time to jump up and down with pop-rock bopper Out In The Grass. Finally, we sadly end the album with the smooth and enticing track Elastic World.

Overall, Sonicman’s latest album, Little Sick, is an exciting and enticing mix. Whether you want to chill and relax or boogie the night away, there’s a track on this album to match.